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Ms. Nicole Fulller » VHA Middle School Academy Math

VHA Middle School Academy Math

VHA Middle School Academy Course Syllabus

John H. Vanderpoel

Magnet School


Course Syllabus

Ms. Fuller

6th, 7th & 8th Grade Math  (Rm 303)

Families, I would like to welcome you to a new and exciting school year.  I am excited about getting to know your student and your family as we partner together to prepare our youth for the challenges facing them in the 21st century.  My goal is to have an open line of communications with my families.  Our most powerful line of communication will always be through parent portal.  I monitor the portal regularly for your messages and I ask that you check once daily for my messages.  Parent portal allows transparency with school administration and is the quickest way to receive a response from me.  Students are also encouraged to communicate with me through student portal.


Textbook: Glencoe Math - Course 1 - 6th Grade

      Glencoe Math - Course 2 - 7th Grade

       Glencoe Math - Course 3 - 8th Grade

Course Description:


Textbook: Glencoe Math – Course 1, 2, and  3     (6th-  8th  Grade)

This course has been designed to provide students instruction based on their academic ability using The Common Core State Standards.  Common Core State Standards will really raise the bar for what students are expected to learn and do.  As we move away from the skill drill that many of us are familiar with from our elementary school years, students will be challenged to use the skills they learn to solve complex, real-life problems and sharpen their ability to explain both verbally and in written form how they arrived at their answer.  Students will also be expected to participate in group activities that require them to strengthen their communication skills, organizational skills, time management skills and their ability to be able to resolve conflict. These are all skills that industry has indicated are skills that students should learn in order to be contributing members of a workforce team.  

Course Competencies/ Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete Middle School Math will be competent in the following areas:

6th Grade Critical Areas

7th Grade Critical Areas

8th Grade Critical Areas

Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Real Numbers

The Number System

The Number System

Equations in One Variable

Expressions and Equations

Expressions and Equations

Equations in Two Variables




Statistics and Probability

Statistics and Probability

Triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem




Congruence and Similarity


Volume and Surface Area


Scatter Plots and Data Analysis

Grading Scale

A = 90-100%

B = 80-89%

C = 70-79%

D = 60-69%

F = 69% and below

Core Content Grade Categories and Weights

Math content area grade is divided into the following categories:


(Based on Standards Mastery)


Classroom Quizzes


Core Assignments

(standards driven classwork,etc)


Projects (minimum 1 per quarter)



(see CPS homework policy)


Parent Portal

The Parent Portal Program (sometime referred to as “Gradebook”) is designed to allow access to your child’s grades and attendance from any computer, anywhere and anytime. We strongly encourage parents and guardians utilize this tool to keep informed of your child’s current academic progress. Additionally, by registering to receive alerts you will be notified if your child’s grade falls below a set percentage.   To discuss any concerns regarding parent portal, or to receive password information please contact the main office.

In addition, Goggle Classroom has added a new feature this year that allows you to have your own login. This will allow you to see all announcements, assignments, and class notes.

Attendance Policy:

  • Students should strive to be in attendance daily.
  • Students are to arrive to school on time, 7:30am.
  • Important Note: After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what assignment they missed for the day.

Uniform Policy:

  • All students will be required to wear the Vanderpoel school uniform.

Homework/Assignment Presentation Policy:

  • Homework is intended to be completed at home.
  • Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise specified.
  • Homework and all assignments are to be neat (not crumbled, not folded more than once, free of debris, neat edges, completed and all handwriting should be legible).  If these standards are not reasonably met, the assignment will not be graded.  
  • Late homework will not be accepted unless there is an extenuating circumstance.  I know that emergencies can occur.  If this is the case, the student should turn in a note from their parent in lieu of the homework and an extra day will be granted.  If the student arrives without the note, the homework is considered late.  

Make-up assignments due to absence

The heading of the paper should include the words “MAKE- UP” to designate the work as make-up work.  Please indicate which assignment you are making up and the date is was originally due.  Include the date which you are submitting the assignment.  Assignments must be submitted within 2 days of returning to school.

Make-up for test or quizzes will be arranged by absent student.  Upon returning, the student should schedule a day to take the make-up test or quiz.

Classroom Expectations

  1.  Be on time for class
  2.  Be respectful to yourself, teachers, and peers at ALL times
  3.  Be responsible for your learning by being prepared for class and bringing all necessary materials to class (notebooks, pencils/ pens, and brain)
  4.  Be able to follow ALL rules in the Student Handbook with fidelity

Bathroom Usage:

Bathroom usage is a necessity that we can’t get around.  Unfortunately, it has the potential to waste valuable classroom time.  Students go to the bathroom during lunch/recess as a class. Emergencies will be addressed as they arise.  It is never our intent to deny any student the use of the bathroom and students will be asked at times to wait until a “natural break” in a lesson so that they don’t miss instruction.  When students are allowed to go to the bathroom unsupervised, I ask that they go and come back quickly and observe our classroom rule of “Be Responsible”.   If your student has a medical need that requires more frequent bathroom usage, please send documentation that can be kept on file.

Electronics Policy:

All electronics must be put away and out of use at all times. Electronics includes iPods, cell phones, iPads, headphones, portable gaming devices, portable DVD players, and any related products. Cell phones may be collected; Cell phones must be turned in by every student if requested by the instructor.

Plagiarism, Cheating, and Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is the practice of copying words, sentences, images, or ideas for use in written or oral assessments without giving proper credit to the source. Cheating is defined as the giving or receiving of illegal help on anything that has been determined by the teacher to be an individual effort. Both are considered serious offenses and will significantly affect your course grade.  Cheating on a quiz or exam or any assignment will result in the grade of zero entered for that assignment. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct booklet for additional information.


A combination of lecture, class discussion, presentations, videos, cooperative learning, and problem-based learning will be used in this course. Grades will be determined by the satisfactory and timely completion of assignments. The grade of each assignment is based on the prerequisite given for each assignment.

Contact Information:

Please fill out and return the attached contact sheet by Friday September 15, 2017. You can email me through the parent portal if you have questions or just want to pass on information. If you would like to schedule a meeting you can request a meeting by contacting me through the parent portal or call the school at (773) 535 - 2690 and leave a message for me and I will call you back to set up an appointment.  I look forward to working as your partner to prepare your child for greatness.  Be sure to include your email address on the student/parent information sheet so that I may send you an invite to our Google Classrooom.