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Introducing Vanderpoel’s Tigers Roar
Let me hear you ROAR!

ROAR is VHA’s tier 1 school-wide positive behavior intervention and support system.

What is the Roar?

ROAR is our matrix that lists behavioral expectations in all environments throughout the school. These behaviors are taught and modeled by all staff members. Students that display appropriate behavior will be able to earn points in Class Dojo. Students that do not exhibit appropriate behavior will have points taken away through Class Dojo. At the end of the week, students with the most points in each classroom will earn a reward and students with the most points at the end of the month will also earn a reward.

Roar’s Core

VHA behavior practices are founded on the assumption and belief that all children can exhibit appropriate behavior. As a result, VHA developed a positive behavior intervention and support plan that is a proactive approach to establishing the behavior supports to achieve social, emotional and academic success. The attention is focused on creating and sustaining a school-wide system of clear expectations.
School Wide Monthly Expectations

Each month will focus on one of the expectations listed in the ROAR matrix.

Starting the first month will we focus on respect. Students will be encouraged to show respect throughout the various locations in the building and also with their teachers, adults and peers.

The second month will focus on the expectation of ownership. Students will learn ways to take ownership of their education, behavior, and learning experiences.

The month after will focus on the importance of acceptance. Teaching students to accept who that are and that being unique is okay. Acceptance is a daily value that is an important characteristic of who you are and will become.

Finally the last month will focus on being responsible , which is to be reliable and trustworthy in all aspects of life.

Please assist us in achieving these expectations by finding ways to implement the ROAR in your home.