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Vanderpoel Humanities Academy is a nut free school.
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Dejah Powell a Vanderpoel, Whitney Young and Cornell Alumni with a passion to educate her community on the benefits of healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle.  Now, one of the founding partners of Black&Well she, Kaysi Gray (Vanderpoel, Whitney Young and Howard Alumni) and LaNae Plaxico (Whitney Young and Ohio State Alumni) are partnered with The Obama Foundation and are commissioned to bringing valuable programing to their community. 


The first of three events will be held Saturday, September 29th 10:00AM – Noon. Please register by clicking the link below!

 Yoga Registration


The second event, Seek-Soak-Execute will be held on Saturday, October 20th 10:00AM - Noon. Please register by clicking the link below!

Seek-Soak-Execute Registration


Please support Black&Well. Dejah is responsible for providing our school garden, the installation of a new refillable water fountain, and future projects of food bowls, cooking courses and more.  This information will be presented to The Obama Foundation November 18th. Let’s support Dejah as she has supported our school family.



Read the mission and vision behind the South Side is Hungry platform. Support the cause by purchasing a t-shirt. Thanks in advance! Click the link below!


The Southside is Hungry!